Renée is an ACC treatment provider so bring in your valid ACC number (within 1 year of start date) for the condition you would like treatment for. If you don’t have an ACC claim number perhaps you could obtain an ACC claim number from a doctor, osteopath, physiotherapist and/or chiropractor and then bring it along to your consultation.

Ladies, if there is any possibility you may be pregnant please ensure to let Renée know as certain points may need to be avoided.

Please ensure to have eaten (light meal) at least a half hour before your consultation.

What to Expect

On your first visit Renée will ask you a series of questions surrounding the condition you are having acupuncture for. She will then determine the diagnosis for your condition and create a point prescription tailored to you personally. Once you are settled in and relaxed on the therapy table Renée will administer the needles to the points. Needle retention is also set to a prescribed time and can alter between 25-40 minutes depending on the individual’s condition and requirement.

Renée may suggest life style advice, certain foods to eat and/or avoid to help with your condition. Renée may prescribe you an herbal formula to be taken over the period of your treatments. The number of treatments required will be discussed on your first visit, so that you are aware of the realistic timeframe of your treatments.