Renée Oliver – Acupuncturists Lower Hutt

BHSc.Acup, Member of Acupuncture NZ, ACC Treatment Provider

Renée Oliver holds a Bachelor in Health Science her clinical practice is a general practice meaning she can treat a wide variety of conditions. Conditions such as muscular- skeletal conditions, gynaecology, fertility, insomnia, anxiety and drug addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

Renée’s passion is in the field of treating women in postnatal care aiding in breastfeeding, urinary issues, hormone balance, postnatal depression and general postnatal recovery.

Renée started treating at Fertility Associates Wellington in May 2017 providing acupuncture to the women pre and post embryo implantation.

Renée is currently the Treasurer or Acupuncture NZ the largest professional body representing practitioners of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in New Zealand.

Renée works at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as the clinical coordinator for the students and clinic supervisors. She also teachers the Research 402 paper to the fourth year students in both the Wellington and Auckland campuses.

Renée’s community clinics

Renée supervises student practitioners out at Arohata Prison in the detoxification unit. Where the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) protocol is administered. The NADA protocol was pioneered in 1942 for the use of acupuncture in addiction treatment.

Renée runs a free pop up NADA protocol clinics at the Petone community house usually advertised in the Hutt News or Neighbourly website.

Renée also participates in the Babies in Arms Petone community drop in clinic for new mums and bubs; offering acupuncture treatments for postnatal and paediatric conditions.